Transmission/Transition is a visual essay that extends on a previous collaborative project; Afro-Portraitism.

Afro-Portraitism explores the art of portraiture within the African diaspora, taking all the connotations portraiture has carried throughout history and applying them to today’s current social climate. One of the key drivers of AP is exploring the concept of self-representation.

T/T reflects upon an internal monologue based around the feeling of displacement, and plays around with Du Bois’ concept of double consciousness. Du Bois explains this concept as viewing your identity in separate pieces, making it difficult to view it as a whole. 

The dialogue of the visuals is set in 3 stages:




It reflects an internal monologue based around the feeling of displacement, and plays around with Du Bois’ concept of double consciousness (“The term also referred to Du Bois’ experiences of reconciling his

African heritage with an upbringing in a European-dominated society”). The three characters are all a reflection of ‘self’, navigating the land in different ways.

Discovery is the welcoming to a strange land. Discovery introduces the context and the characters and then sets the stage for the internal conversation which takes place in displacement.

Displacement is the internal conversation based on feeling out of place. How do we visualise our feelings of confusion? Viewing your identity through another lens. Discomfort, compression, expansion.

Reclamation is the digestion of internal conflict and the reconciliation of all the feelings experienced throughout displacement. The conversion of displacement into a sense of belonging; not to your context but to your personal identity. Symbolism is used throughout the series as a form of expression; such as exaggerated/hyper opulence (golden rings on top of regal gloves as a form of reclamation).


Creative Direction

Hamed Maiye


Nwaka Okparaeke


Kobby Adi (Curtains)

Freya Bramble Carter (Ceramics)


Haast Kulture

Music (soundtrack scoring)


Fashion Design

Bianca Saunders

Jawara Alleyne

Robert Jesse

Art Direction/Set Design

Hamed Maiye

Nwaka Okaparake


Kashmir Wickham

Jawara Alleyne

Make up/Grooming

Afrolion (Kayla)

Production Assistant

Cheyanne Ettiene-Chen

Using Format